Why We Exist

The average equipment dealership has 75% of available cash tied up in equipment held for sale.  

MitchCap Distribution Floorplan Finance unlocks the working capital tied up in equipment inventory.

This allows distributors to get paid earlier, securing  surety of payment and cash flow whilst providing improved trading terms to their dealership network. The outcome is optimised stocking equal to demand across their network, increasing  sales whilst outsourcing credit risk. 

For our dealership partners, it returns the cash tied up in inventory - funding their complete cash cycle from purchase to collection on sale - the cash can be reinvested for growth enabling their directors to grow stronger businesses.

MitchCap is proud to build stronger distribution channels from OEM through to dealership. Our deep domain expertise, focus on, and commitment to the industries we serve allows us to do this by offering tailored distribution finance floorplan solutions.

This is why we exist.

This is MitchCap.


Our Products

Direct Line Floorplan Finance


100% Advance, repayment on sale, floorplan facility for your dealership.

Approved Distributor Programs


Enable sales growth for you & your dealership partners whilst getting you paid earlier and outsourcing credit risk.

Inventory Supply Chain Finance


Dealership inventory finance for smaller, non-serialised goods such as spares. 

Contact Us

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