Equipment Floorplan Finance

Why We Exist


The average Equipment Dealership has 75% of available cash tied up in one asset class  – inventory held for resale.

Dealerships source and supply all of us with the cutting edge equipment we need to increase productivity at work or maximise the adventure in our lives away from the office.

MitchCap exists to unlock the working capital tied up in inventory. This enables Dealerships to optimise inventory to meet customer demand, grow sales and redeploy their own cash to achieve their goals.

We do this by offering tailored Floorplan & Inventory Supply Chain Finance, this is why we exist. 

This is MitchCap.


Our Products

Direct Line Floorplan Finance


100% Advance, Repayment on Sale, Floorplan Facility for your Dealership.

Approved Distributor Programs


Enable sales growth for you & your Dealership Partners whilst getting you paid earlier and outsourcing credit risk.

Inventory Supply Chain Finance


Dealership Inventory Finance for smaller, non-serialised goods such as spares. 

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