MitchCap Frequently Asked Questions

For more information specific to your financing needs, feel free to reach out to us and our team will guide you through the process.

MitchCap has more OEM Approved Distributor Programs and More Direct Dealer Floorplan Finance Facilities in the Recreational Vehicle, Marine & Boats, Motorcycle, Lawn & Garden Equipment and Bicycles than any other lender. MitchCap’s customers include globally recognised brands; Groupe Beneteau, Mastercraft, Haines Hunter, Horizon, Dunbier & Mackay Trailers, Essential Caravans, New Age Caravans, and the Network RV Group. In 2023 MitchCap offered north of 60 OEM Back Approved Distributor Programs covering over 350 Equipment Dealers.
MitchCap is not only an expert in the industries that it serves, it is passionate about its growth and sustainability. This is why MitchCap funds start-up Dealerships driven by passionate founders through to multi-generation family businesses. MitchCap offers Dealer Facilities from $50,000 - $20,0000,000, and on average adds 15 New Dealerships per month with an average facility limit of $1,000,000 each.
We have a specific inventory focus here at MitchCap - Recreational Vehicles, Boats, Motorcycles, and Outdoor Equipment. We have built a book of 2000+ Brands where we understand the make, the model, how it is marketed and sold, how it operates, and who buys it. By understanding the equipment to a frontier level no other lender has, we can lend more, lend quicker, and do so on better terms than anyone else. Financials are one thing, but at MitchCap we are more concerned with the equipment and how you run your dealership, that is what sets us apart.
MitchCap offers fully integrated overseas payments with Import and Floorplan Finance. We are passionate about Australian and New Zealand Family-Owned Businesses. As we operate out of an import-driven region – we will help you bring in and sell your leading brands from around the globe.
Most MitchCap Approved Distributor Programs include:
  • interest free periods,
  • greater credit capacity and lower security.
  • As well as fast-track / non-financial credit approvals.
Contact MitchCap or your OEM Partner to see if you qualify.

We will work with you and our Asset Specialist to understand your market strike zone, distribution, and potential.

Then we will develop and launch a bespoke Dealer Floorplan for you and/or your Dealer Network.

Our goal is to nurture and service our OEMs and Dealers with a fully connected ecosystem.

We now offer marketing support through MitchMarketing, a lead-generation service that will generate traffic from consumers to your stock, your dealerships and our retail partnerships.

Our Connected Equipment Distribution Ecosystem

The equipment distribution industry, with a staggering value of over $300 billion, is a complex and fragmented landscape. It comprises 3,000 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), 2,000 distributors, 12,000 dealers, and serves a massive user base of 10 million individuals.

At our core, we envision creating a comprehensive ecosystem for equipment distribution that seamlessly brings together all elements of the fragmented channel.

Our approach revolves around leveraging the power of data from floorplan financing as the foundation. By doing so, we aim to bridge the gaps and connect OEMs, distributors, dealers, and, ultimately, millions of users within this vast industry.

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The MitchMarket Finance platform is expertly crafted to identify the most suitable loan package available in today’s market. With a focus on complete transparency.
Our MitchMarket marketplace connects our dealer’s consumers to readily available recreational vehicles and equipment.
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MitchCap is the leading Non-Bank Distribution Finance Lender in Australia. We provide the funding and the technology that connects the distribution channel.